Your premier wheat, triticale and rye seed dealer in western Kansas

Ehmke Seed is a family-owned seed company with a long history on the High Plains. Our farm goes back to the pioneer days in 1885 when the Ehmkes emigrated from Germany in search of a brighter future in Lane County, Kansas.

Four generations later in 1986, Vance Ehmke and his wife Louise saw an opportunity to grow their own certified seed wheat for themselves and local farmers. Wanting to try something different, Vance and Louise experimented with growing triticale seed and found it was a huge success with cattlemen and dairies across the High Plains. Now in the fifth generation, the tradition continues.

Ehmke Seed has grown to be one of the premier wheat, triticale and rye seed dealers in western Kansas. The focus at Ehmke Seed continues to be bringing high-quality seed and years of knowledge and expertise to our customers. That’s why nearly all of our seed is grown and sold right here on the Ehmke farm in west-central Kansas. Ehmke Seed grows top-performing wheat varieties for the central and southern plains, as well as world-class triticale and rye varieties for forage growers looking to get more out of their livestock investment.

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  • Drought Drags On


    Drought Drags On

    For those of us who were hoping our current hard case drought would dry up and blow away, the reality is anything but. Instead, the new 3-month forecast promises more of the same and a lot of it. Last fall when talking with Jeff Hutton from the National Weather Service in Dodge City, he speculated […]

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  • Governor Laura Kelly Visits Ehmke Farm


    Governor Laura Kelly Visits Ehmke Farm

    Kansas governor Laura Kelley visited Ehmke Farm in June 2022 as a stop on her “Back to Business” tour. Images from the visit below were provided by Kansas Office of the Governor.

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  • Even at $12, Wheat May Lose Money


    Even at $12, Wheat May Lose Money

    The good news is we have $12 wheat prices. The bad news is because of low projected yields caused by the on-going drought, many western Kansas wheat fields will do no better than break even. Incredible as it may seem, even with the highest price of all time, at least half of the western Kansas […]

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