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Which Way for Wheat?

For the 2017 wheat crop, Kansas farmers planted the smallest acreage in 60 years and the second smallest in 100 years. Can it get any worse? Maybe not, but I don’t know if it can get much better either. Last fall Kansas farmers planted a little over 7 million acres of wheat. And honestly, I … Continue reading

Control weeds without herbicides? Biological alternative is part of a ‘new frontier’

Wheat and More….or Less Control weeds without herbicides? Biological alternative is part of a ‘new frontier’ By Vance Ehmke Published: December 7, 2016 on Kansas Agland Website   I hate this time of year. Every November and December I find myself sitting at the kitchen counter figuring up all the untold thousands of dollars I’m … Continue reading

Ominous news: Destructive wheat streak mosaic arrives early

Wheat and More….or Less Ominous news: Destructive wheat streak mosaic arrives early By Vance Ehmke Published: Nov 16, 2016 on Kansas Agland Website   Deep down in your heart, you knew it was going to happen. With all the volunteer wheat we had this past summer and fall, what are the odds that the new … Continue reading

Wheat streak mosaic … and your neighbor

By Vance Ehmke One of the interesting things I’ve discovered because of being in the certified seed wheat business is the large number of phone calls I get during this time of the year from farmers who are extremely mad at their neighbors who are doing nothing about controlling their volunteer wheat. And because of … Continue reading

Wheat grower puts his faith in triticale

Originally published at BY P.J. GRIEKSPOOR KANSAS wheat grower and seedsman Vance Ehmke thinks the future of western Kansas wheat country may very well be in growing something other than wheat. And, he says, that something else just might be triticale, the cross between wheat and rye that in recent years has gained popularity as … Continue reading

History and Health Benefits of Rye and Triticale

The Whole Grains Council offers a Rye + Triticale 101. The article features facts about history, cooking and health benefits of both grains. Read below or visit this link for more information: Rye + Triticale Whole Grains    Rye + Triticale August Grains of the Month Each month in 2010, we’re featuring a different whole grain … Continue reading

German newspapers quote Vance Ehmke about drought

German Newspapers quote Vance Ehmke about the serious drought Lane County faced this year. Continue Reading…

Drought Worst in 37 Years of Farming

The good news came in a December snowstorm that dumped almost 15 inches of snow on Lane County. “That got the wheat in good enough shape for us to have a harvest,” says Vance Ehmke. “Since then, we’ve had a total of only 3 to 4 inches of rain. This is the worst drought I … Continue reading

No Major Fossil Find at Lane County Dig

No Major Fossil Find at Lane County Dig