Drought Drags On

By Vance Ehmke For those of us who were hoping our current hard case drought would dry up and blow away, the reality is anything but. Instead, the new 3-month forecast promises more of the same and a lot of it. Last fall when talking with Jeff Hutton from the National Weather Service in Dodge

Popular Wheat Varieties May Not Be Top Yielders

By Vance Ehmke In looking at the recently released list of the most popular wheat varieties planted in Kansas, I am reminded that just because a variety is planted on a lot of acres doesn’t mean you should be planting it. Years ago in a conversation with former Scott City basketball coach and farmer/cattleman Harold

Does $10 Wheat Mean More Acres?

By Vance Ehmke After several years of selling wheat for $5 a bushel, we finally broke out of the rut when wheat prices exploded and more than doubled. But even with $10 wheat, if you’re betting on a big jump in the Kansas wheat acreage, it’s a bet you’re probably going to lose. If anything,

7$ Wheat?

This time last year who would have ever thought that we were sitting on and hatching a major bull market in the grains. Well, it’s here now and the only question for wheat is how high it’ll go. There are a lot of factors that explain how we got here like being pulled along by

Three finalists selected for 2020 Kansas Leopold Conservation Award®

By the Hutchinson News KANSAS—Given in honor of renowned conservationist Aldo Leopold, the Kansas Leopold Conservation Award recognizes landowners who inspire others with their dedication to land, water and wildlife resources in their care. In Kansas the $10,000 award is presented annually by Sand County Foundation, American Farmland Trust, Kansas Association of Conservation Districts and

Where Have All The Pheasants Gone?

By Vance Ehmke It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago when opening day of pheasant hunting season was a pretty big deal. But my, oh my, how times have changed. Back then every motel room in the county had been booked up for a year in advance. There was not a box

The Last Wild Horse Herd

By Vance EhmkeWheat & More…..or Less The Old West was officially closed in 1890.  But it wasn’t until over 50 years later that the last of the wild horses disappeared from Lane County, KS. Longtime resident Eldon Wancura, who now lives in Dighton, explains that he grew up on a farm and ranch that straddled

KSU Research and Extension: Small grain forage options

Small grain forage options for this fall Small grain forages can be a profitable option for producers. They can be planted in the fall and either terminated or grazed out in the early spring, allowing time to plant a summer row crop if soil moisture is adequate. There are five common small grain options for